Thornlaw Nursery School
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Names and Job Titles of our Staff Members



Staff                                              Job Title

Mrs Claire Morrison                                              Head of Establishment

Miss Linda Norwood                                             Child Development Team Leader

Miss Kimberly McConville                                      Lead Practitioner Attainment

Mrs Marie Stuart                                                Child Development Officer

Miss Amanda Wark                                              Child Development Officer

Mrs Ronda Cheng                                                 Child Development Officer (Part Time)

Mrs Stephanie Collins                                          Child Development Officer

Mrs Gail Brannigan                                              Child Development Officer 

Miss Nicola Fahey                                               Child Development Officer (Part Time)

Miss Laura McKinnon                                           Child Development Officer

Mrs Helen Conway                                               Child Development Officer

Miss Christina McDermott                                  Child Development Officer (Part Time)

Mrs Lyndsey Watson                                                Child Development Officer 

Mrs Judith Yuile                                                Child Development Officer (Part Time)

Mrs Basharat Hanif                                           Support for Learning Worker

Miss Joanna MacDonald                                     Support for Learning Worker

Mrs Kiren Singh                                                 Support for Learning Worker

Mrs Jane Gunn                                                   Clerical Support Assistant     

Mr David Adams                                                 Janitor

Ms Michelle McLeod                                           Day Assistant